The story begins

As everyone very well knows, there is tiny legendary country of Lithuania situated in very northern part of Europe. While it’s not north enough to be drowned in polar nights or enjoy views of Aurora Borealis, on winter we do get fair share of snow, which usually causes a lot of joy, then some troubles when you cannot visit your neighbor, because you cannot open the door, and in late January after snow reaches the roof – even a bit of panic.

We do have very old roots and along with that old culture and customs are reaching us from our great-great-great-great-great… well, our very great grandparents wisdom depths.


Mix all this together in the big bowl and you will know that in such country a tiny workshop sleeping under white snow blanket in the middle of forest in the middle of nowhere is a magical place where weirdest things can happen. 

This place was found by two co-workers: Ed and And (yes, that’s a name not just another one “and”) and later joined by Ast. Sometimes, when they leave workplace for the nights with smoke from chimney still visible in the moonlight they see some shadows jumping around old house, and hear laughter of wood elves.

So come in, this is where magic starts..

Let’s Get Creative!



We can cut any shape you need, just let us know.


We do large orders from hundreds to thousands.


More than 20 000 buyers already chose us.


Order processing time is usually 1-2 working days.

Best quality laser cut wooden shapes

We started back in 2015

We started laser cutting business as a side project back in 2015 – with single laser, in small space behind the house – but even then we had a vision, and we are glad that this vision kept true for all these years!

We joined Etsy, Amazon, Ebay and other online marketplaces, as well as our own website and our local market.

Our business and sales grew and now we are happy to go even further.

Currently we have 3 lasers and engraving machine, which lets us speed up engraving process and giving edge us over competitors.

We had a lot to learn during these years, but we optimize every way we can, and we are able to keep up with growing orders and quantities.

While we grew up over the years, this is very much same workshop as it was in the beginning – same family business.